25 Sep 2015

Pet Perfect

Are you a pet owner looking to replace their natural lawn? Maybe you’re tired of your dog coming in and walking muddy paw prints all over the kitchen! We certainly couldn’t blame you, and it’s true that artificial grass is the perfect solution for anyone with animal companions at home. The only question is which artificial grass is the best option for you!

Your average artificial grass surface has undergrowth located at the bottom of it, which serves to support the individual stitching of the yarn and create a more realistic look. This is a fantastic feature on paper, but it has the unfortunate side effect of trapping dog dirt that isn’t immediately removed and making the artificial grass much harder to clean.

In combination with our advanced, highly natural weave technology, we here at Wonderlawn take the utmost care to utilise the correct infill with any of our artificial grass lawns installed for home-owners with pets. This guarantees that the same natural look and feel can be preserved, whilst stopping any dog dirt from making its way deep into the grass where it can no longer easily be cleaned away. This infill also grants any artificial grass a formidable resistance to active pets at play, guaranteeing you a long lasting investment that won’t wear down even if you happen to own the most boisterous dogs in the world!

Our Urban Sport, Urban Play and Superior artificial grass lawn products are the ideal thing for pets, so don’t wait to take a look through our full stock of products and find the ideal artificial turf for you and your furry friends. We’ll always be on the other end of the line for when you’re ready to order, or even if you’re still unsure and you’d like us to point you in the right direction with regards to picking the ideal artificial grass.

With expert installation nationwide and unbeatable standards of both delivery and customer service, we here at Wonderlawn are the first port of call for a huge number of people looking for the very best artificial grass that their pets are guaranteed to fall in love with. If you’re feeling similarly tempted to get your hands on the very best artificial grass, just pick up the phone or get in contact with our team via email.

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