24 Sep 2015

A Sporty Selection

Did you know that Wonderlawn artificial grass is the perfect surface for sports? Thanks to our dedication to making our grass look and feel just like the real thing, we’ve managed to create a highly versatile range of products which are more than ready to come and simulate realistic ball bounce, roll and more!

The secret to that incredible adaptability when it comes to our artificial grass sports surfacing is definitely in no small part due to the innovatively designed, advanced infills that we utilise. Rather than the traditional choice of rubber crumb, our sports infill is formulated from a combination of coconut and cork to give it the unique properties that make our artificial grass so popular.

The formidable combination of Wonderlawn artificial grass and our advanced infill provides a huge range of benefits, such as improved foot stability and vibration dampening. On top of that you’re sure to find that our artificial grass is more than able to offer advantages previously exclusive to the real thing, with better impact absorption, less abrasion and drastically reduced surface temperatures all contributing to a playing surface perfect for a whole range of sports.

You could even bring our artificial grass home to create the perfect putting area or practice turf if you wanted! We’ll provide top quality products with an unbeatable standard of delivery, so it’s all up to you as to what you do with it.

Our sports artificial grass is an accredited FIFA 2 star surface, so don’t wait to pick up the phone and let our team know exactly what kind of artificial grass product you need.

We here at Wonderlawn are always striving to refine and improve our artificial grass products with the latest technology, and as a result we’re more than able to provide a realistic and natural playing surface for a huge range of sports. If you feel as if our top quality artificial grass is the ideal thing for you and what you’re looking to play, just get in contact as soon as you can and we’ll be lending you a helping hand in no time!

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