30 Mar 2013

5 Reasons to install an artificial lawn

Maintenance – Once artificial grass has been laid down it is easy to maintain as you don’t need to water, mow it, or weed it. Only in the autumn time will you need to brush the leaves that have fallen from surrounding trees or plants to ensure moss doesn’t grow on your lawn.

Costs – You don’t need to buy any grass enhancers to get green grass. You wont need to water you grass during the summer months and you won’t have to buy expensive lawn mower’s to keep your grass in tip top shape.

Time – You don’t have to spend lots of time trying to keep artificial grass looking good, just a quick brush over once a month will keep it looking in top condition. Also if you take a couple of weeks holiday during the summer there’s no need to worry about coming back to a dead lawn because it hadn’t been watered whilst you were away.

Performance – As long as you care for and look after your artificial grass it should stay looking good for many years. It has been used in football pitches that have been used regularly for over 8 years before needing to be replaced so this gives you an idea of its lifespan and thats under real tough conditions.

Environmentally friendly – People might think that natural grass is more environmentally friendly but that isn’t always the case. To keep your lawn looking green and healthy it needs regular watering, care and in some cases fertilizers. Artificial grass also eliminates the need for pesticides and weed killers, which in turn helps local wildlife.

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