7 Sep 2012

Calculating How Much Lawn You’ll Need

So you’ve decided you want to get a new, lucious green, artificial lawn in your garden and you can’t wait to get it all installed and be reaping the benefits. This is great, however working out how much lawn you will need to buy can be a pain. Never fear though as wonderlawn.com can help you work it all out.

To start with you’ll need to do a scaled sketch of the area where you want the turf to be. Make sure the measurements are right because if they aren’t then it can cause some problems later.

Once you have drawn the sketch, draw rectangles over the top. Always do rectangles, even if your lawn is another shape, just adapt to the shape as much as you can but do not overlap the rectangles. When you have got this all drawn out, mark out the rectangles onto the area where the lawn will be.

Make a record of the lengths and widths of all your rectangles. Then you will need to calculate the area of each one. This is done by :

Length (metres) x Width (metres) = Area (Sq. metres)

Add together the area of your rectangles then add 5% for shaping and cutting and this is the amount of turf that you will need to buy!

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