11 Mar 2016

Providing for your Pets

The team here at Wonderlawn are pet lovers that have invested a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring that the many products we have in our range of artificial grass are fully compatible with any pet you might have, primarily because of the fantastically authentic feel that our artificial grass offers.

It’s impossible to talk about artificial grass without touching on the low maintenance qualities that it offers, and the benefits are obvious especially if you’re a homeowner or certainly if you own pets or kids that occupy most of your time to begin with. The most you’ll ever have to do is to go over your artificial grass lawn with a brush or hoover to keep the surface clutter free and looking just like a real, authentic lawn. We know that sounds tempting – more so when you realise that there really are no strings attached.

With pets such as dogs, your brand new artificial grass will even manage to take care of a lot of the unwanted by products of owning animals. Because of an innovatively designed free draining weave, we’ve made sure that urine will wash away naturally without a problem, and the clean nature of artificial grass allows faecal matter to be removed without a problem.

If you just won’t settle for less than the best and you’re sold on the idea of top quality artificial grass that pets and kids alike are destined to fall in love with, don’t miss out on what our team has in store for you.

As leading suppliers of the finest artificial grass, we here at Wonderlawn are specialists when it comes to providing beautifully crafted artificial grass products that are perfectly suited for pets and kids alike. Just make sure you get in contact as soon as you can, as our artificial grass is just waiting to find a place in your garden today!

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