20 Nov 2015

Prized by Pets

artificial grass Staffordshire

We’ve invested a huge amount of effort and innovative design into every single one of our artificial grass products, ensuring that they can make the perfect match for any home, but pets have always been a special priority of ours from the start. With Wonderlawn artificial grass transforming your garden, you can rest assured that you’ll have artificial grass which dogs and cats alike will instantly fall in love with.

Whether it’s for the smallest garden or the largest outdoor space, our artificial grass is the perfect surface for your pets to have a fantastic time playing on.

One of the most unique features of our artificial grass that makes it so incredibly well suited to homes with pets is the intelligent infill that we designed specifically to combat the most common issues. We call it Petfill Plus, and it’s comprised of a honey-combed molecular structure which absorbs urine and prevents bad smells from escaping until they’re neutralised by the sodium in rain water. This has the added bonus of washing all bacteria from your artificial grass, leaving it clean and friendly to the health of your pets.

And of course, you won’t have to deal with mud any longer! Say goodbye to cleaning up after trails of muddy paw prints no matter how bad the weather might get, and relax knowing that your brand new artificial grass lawn will never require weeding or mowing. At the very most, all you’ll be doing is giving it a quick brush over, so why not come and see what Wonderlawn could do for you in the way of incredibly low maintenance artificial grass?

We have a tremendous range of products made up of the best artificial grass, so make sure to browse through our stock to find the perfect artificial grass lawn to suit your individual needs and requirements. Remember, you can always get in contact to order samples of our grass completely free, and our team will always be more than happy to answer your questions!

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