2 Sep 2015

In The Know

You might have heard it called astro turf, but artificial grass technology has come a long way since that name was the most common one in use. It’s likely that you may need a little bit of an update on how advantageous it can be for you, so simply read on if that’s the case!

Artificial grass has a huge range of uses precisely because it’s so versatile, including residential applications such as a surface for your home and garden. It’s also ideal for use in places like schools and nurseries, just as much as it’s the ideal surface for playing sports upon. Wonderlawn artificial grass can simulate natural qualities of grass such as ball roll to a tee, so you definitely won’t be missing out. What’s more, artificial grass never grows so you won’t have to worry about extensive maintenance!

We think it’s definitely fair to say that artificial grass is a pretty fantastic thing as it is, but what is it that makes a Wonderlawn artificial turf so special?

Well for one, we make exclusive use of advanced shaped yarns, ensuring a beautifully lush surface which resists flattening, looks fantastically natural and feels like walking on the softest thing you can imagine. That gives our artificial grass longevity like no other product has, especially when combined with the fact that we only use base materials that won’t decay or rot over time like a timber frame is certain to do. Our highly trained team won’t let you down where installation is concerned, either, so it shouldn’t be too hard to tell why our unique artificial grass is the first choice for so many people!

At Wonderlawn, we’re passionate about ensuring the very best result for all of our customers, both through the speedy delivery of a top quality artificial grass product and by maintaining a top standard of customer service that’ll never let you down. Make sure you get in contact with our expert team as soon as you can, and we’ll always be able to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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