Commercial artificial grass installation

Artificial grass is a great purchase for many commercial applications and is often cheaper than the costs of ongoing maintenance with a regular lawn.

Commercial artificial grass installation

During 2014 an ambitious plan was hatched by Newcastle Council to speed up traffic flow at the Cowgate junction of the Central Motorway, a vital artery in and out of Newcastle City Centre.

One area of consideration was the amount of maintenance the grassed areas would need and the impact this would have as lane closures could not be avoided.

Enter Wonderlawn.

With a huge amount of experience and 12 years of installing to a high level behind us, we worked with Newcastle council to provide a product and installation specification that would work in these difficult surroundings.

At over 1300m² of high quality artificial grass, it was to become one of the largest installations of it’s kind in Europe. Because of the amount of human traffic, the product needed to be robust for the footfall, but also have a realistic look and feel. The works were completed in 2015 and, despite being a little ambivalent to begin with, the local community loved the finished result.

Fake grass, also known as Astro Turf, has always come under scrutiny for its environmental impact but in this case, the savings on road closures and maintenance have proved a positive outcome.

Commercial artificial grass applications for pets

As fellow animal lovers and pet owners, we know how important it is for your furry friend to stretch their paws when they are travelling. With this in mind we are pleased to announce that we have just given our UK pet exercise area a fabulous new makeover!

We have kitted the exercise area out with lush artificial grass provided by the lovely guys at Wonderlawn who we met at the ‘Discover Dogs’ show during the summer.

With this new artificial grass, there will be no more muddy paws during the winter months! And while you’re there don’t forget to pick up after your pooch by using one of our complimentary poop bags. This will not only help keep the area looking smart but will also ensure other pet owners can also enjoy clean facilities!

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