30 Oct 2015

Child Friendly Convenience

artificial grass

Our innovatively designed artificial grass is both hard wearing and incredibly soft, creating a lawn which is absolutely perfect when utilised in schools and nurseries.

Thanks to the unique weave and stitch pattern utilised by our artificial grass products, even the most vigorous and lively playing won’t be able to leave your outdoor surfacing looking flat and trampled. All of our artificial grass turfs can spring right back from being pushed down, ensuring that the grass not only looks natural but also feels just like the real thing. You’ll even find that our artificial grass can accurately simulate realistic ball roll, so don’t be afraid to break out a football or two!

Of course, if you’re looking for an artificial grass garden to go at home and you’re not sure if your kids are going to like the switch from a natural lawn, you definitely won’t have to worry when you invest in our Superior, Urban Sport and Urban Play ranges of artificial grass. As proven by having our artificial grass so widely utilised in schools and nurseries across the country, we’re more than able to supply a product that kids are guaranteed to fall in love with instantly.

So, whether you’re looking to get your hands on our top quality artificial grass turf for your school or nursery, or you’re more inclined towards getting a garden that your family is going to love, make sure you get in touch with our team with all questions and queries you might have!

Here at Wonderlawn, delivering top quality artificial grass lawns that you simply couldn’t do without is our passion, and our team definitely knows how to ensure the best result every time. All you have to do is get in contact either by phone or email, and you can trust our nationwide delivery and installation to provide a top standard of quality you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

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