26 Nov 2015

Artificially Natural

artificial grass Glasgow

Artificial grass is often viewed in a slightly outdated fashion, with most people imagining the kind of rough and uncomfortable artificial grass surfaces that we had ten years ago whenever they hear it mentioned. We here at Wonderlawn can understand why that is, and we can see how that would lead to thinking that artificial grass is unsuitable for kids, pets and more, but fortunately that isn’t the case!

You only have to look at our full range of artificial grass to see just how incredibly natural, authentic and luxurious your brand new artificial lawn could be, so we thought we’d highlight some of our most popular products making a perfect match for homes nationwide.

Our Urban Sport and Urban Play artificial grass lawns are the perfect example of products that can bring a tried and tested top standard of quality to your garden, with an innovatively designed infill and natural texture ensuring that this artificial grass looks and feels completely natural while staying resilient and hard wearing. Even with excited kids playing on the grass or boisterous dogs running to and fro, you’re sure to find that our artificial grass will resist flattening to look pristine for a long time to come.

There’s also our Superior artificial grass, which to date stands as our most popular product. It achieves a perfect balance between resistance and softness, with a beautifully designed undergrowth giving the look and velvety soft feeling of a lush meadow-like lawn. You’ll never have to worry about your garden with our Superior grass in place, even if your kids or pets are making full use of it on a daily basis, and the same can be said for all of our artificial grass.

We have an incredible range of artificial grass just waiting to find a place in your home, perfect for pets, kids and family alike. Simply get in contact either by phone or email, and we’ll make sure that you get the premium standard of artificial grass.

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