13 Nov 2015

A Big Plus for Sports

artificial grass Newcastle

Artificial sports surfaces have come a long way from the way they used to look, perform and feel, and if you’ve not been keeping tabs on the development of the relevant technology then you’re sure to be surprised at just how realistic and practical we’ve managed to make our very own artificial grass. Take our Urban Sports Plus artificial turf for example, as it’s a perfect example of how much effort we’ve gone to in order to create the perfect non-natural sports playing surface.

As one of the very best examples of our fantastic artificial grass, it utilises our most innovative design features, built chiefly around a V shaped stitch which gives the grass formidably resistant properties against all kinds of wear. This particular grass is a hybrid, however, as it also incorporates a thatched undergrowth for that extra natural look and an indistinguishably natural feeling underfoot. These two features working together represent state of the art technology in the world of artificial grass, achieving the perfect balance between hard wearing resilience and fantastic levels of realism.

Add to that our special sports infill which allows for improved foot stability, vibration dampening, impact absorption, less abrasion and drastically reduced surface temperatures, and we could hardly blame you for wanting to check it out for yourself! You might even prefer it to the real thing, especially if you’re looking for artificial grass requiring next to no maintenance whatsoever!

All of our sports specialised artificial grass is perfectly suited to replicating natural ball roll and more, acting for all intents and purposes as a completely natural surface on which balls, footwear and more act as if they were on the real thing!

If you’ve been on the lookout for the very best artificial grass throughout the UK, you won’t want to miss what we here at Wonderlawn have to offer. We’re highly experienced professionals with a huge wealth of experience and knowledge in the trade, and we’d love to hear from you as soon as possible!

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