13 Mar 2019

Will my artificial grass blow away?

With Storm Gareth blowing strong wind and rain across the UK, we’re often asked can strong winds blow away my artificial grass.

The short answer is; if it is a Wonderlawn installation, it will NOT blow away. Why? All of our installations are fitted with an infill. Which is a weighted product mechanically brushed in to your lawn. This gives the lawn support and also weighs it down, locking it in place on your garden.

If your lawn has been installed by nailing it to a wooden frame (the way we DO NOT recommend a lawn be installed), and the wooden frame isn’t secured to your garden you basically have a giant sail that strong winds will gladly pick up, as it does many trampolines.

It may look comical, but it can be quite serious, especially with #stormgareth wind speeds reaching gusts of 80mph (130km/h) on Tuesday afternoon.

So if you’re considering an artificial grass installation for your garden, and are worried about winds blowing your lawn away; be safe in the knowledge that, if it is a Wonderlawn installation it won’t blow away.

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