What is artificial grass made of?

Wonderlawn’s artificial grass is made from polyethylene, polypropylene or a combination of both.

Whilst most manufacturers use latex rubber as a backing, Wonderlawn now have products that are made with Polyurethane. This means that at the end of the products’ life, they can be recycled, much like a plastic bottle. Great for the environment!

What makes up the Wonderlawn base?

As we are the only company to provide a warranty for our basework, it needs to be right.

We construct our bases to match the requirements of the ground. Some will need a coarse aggregate first, usually Type 1 MOT, and then crushed granite, or crushed granite alone. We never use sharp sand or timber in the base, as these do not provide the stability required over time.

Where are your products made?

All of Wonderlawn’s artificial grass is manufactured in Europe. We do not buy any products from the Far East.

Why do other companies use sand and timber?

Firstly, sand is a much cheaper alternative to stone and granite. Timber is necessary because these companies do not install an infill to weigh the grass down, but they need to fix it to something to stop it blowing away or being stolen!

Unfortunately, this timber is prone to rotting over time. This is the main reason why companies using timber will not guarantee the base work for anything more than a couple of years.

Why does most artificial grass come from the Far East?

As with most products, it’s simply down to cost. Many manufacturers do whatever they can to be competitive and unfortunately, where costs are cut, quality suffers. As with most products manufactured in the Far East, it’s all about money. Specifications are changed on a regular basis and quality control can be lacking as companies fight for business. A growing number of UK-based artificial grass retailers buy from the Far East because it’s cheap so it is always worth asking where they buy from and why.

Will it fade in the sun?

All artificial grass is designed and manufactured to be UV-stable for a period of time. All of Wonderlawn’s products are UV stable for a minimum of 10 years and are guaranteed for that period. Unfortunately, many products from the Far East and other regions have not followed the same stringent criteria and as a result, can fade quite quickly.

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