How much maintenance is needed for artificial grass?

Artificial grass is not completely maintenance free but it is low maintenance.

On a regular basis, you may need to remove debris and leaves from the lawn, just as you would the real thing. This is best done with a stiff broom, garden blower or hoover. You also might get the odd weed that comes from airborne seeds that have landed on the grass, but these cannot root anywhere and simply need to be picked out.

Other than that, it’s just a case of sitting back, using your lawn as you would normally, and enjoying the garden.

How well does artificial grass drain?

Most artificial grass is manufactured with drainage holes, to allow water to move freely through it. Our base materials are free draining. This means that your new lawn will likely drain much better than the old one.

Quite usually, a Wonderlawn artificial lawn is dry within a few minutes of it raining. And remember that if the kids or the dogs venture out in the rain, the only thing that comes back into the house is a bit of water.

Rarely, if a customer has a particular issue with standing water or poor drainage, this can be combated with soakaways or field drains.

Is Wonderlawn fire-resistant?

Wonderlawn are currently the only artificial grass company in Europe that has a product with a fire safety certificate, for use indoors.

Artificial grass is made of plastic and therefore would melt under extreme heat. The sand infill used on all of our products adds a significant benefit to its ability to be “self-extinguishing.”

We always advise being careful with barbeques, outdoor fires and cigarettes to prevent permanent damage.

Is Wonderlawn good for kids to play on?

Artificial grass is a great solution for active kids!

Whether it’s a small back garden or a school field for football, hockey or Roly Poly, it helps give kids a safe, clean and tactile surface for outdoor play. Older “Astro Turf” products had an issue of burning on knees and legs, but with our modern materials, this is generally a thing of the past.

Another benefit is the lack of mud and dirt that is no longer brought back into the home or school.

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