How does it deal with dog mess?

All Wonderlawn’s products are made from polyethylene. As a result, when the dog wees, it simply runs off the grass and into the base.

Whilst you can simply leave this alone and let the rain do the work, it’s also helpful to rinse it through, which helps it on its way. With dog dirt, you’ll need to remove it as best you can, and then rinse anything left away. If you have children in the house, we always advise using a bit of household disinfectant and paper towel on the area, simply for health and safety reasons.

One really important aspect of dealing with dog mess is the infill. All Wonderlawn’s products are installed with an infill which is there to weight the lawn down and help hold the fibres upright. This infill also means that dog mess cannot find it’s way into the root fibres and is therefore much easier to clean.

With many other artificial grasses, there may be a particular issue with dog urine smells, but Wonderlawn offer a unique infill, “Petfill Plus”, which helps combat this.

Is artificial grass good for dogs?

Around 50% of our customers buy Wonderlawn for their dog.

Our four-legged friends are never happier than being outdoors and an artificial lawn provides a great playing surface, without the issue of muddy paws or dirt coming back into the house.

High quality artificial turf, installed correctly, is very resistant to the typical digging and scratching that dogs do. We find that dogs enjoy rolling around using the grass as a handy back scratcher rather than trying in vain to dig it up.

What is “Petfill Plus” and how does it work?

Basically, Petfill Plus is an organic mineral that is used as an infill for Wonderlawn grass. It works by absorbing and retaining the ammonia in dog urine, and then releasing it to the sodium ions in rainwater when it rains. This washes it into the ground, and the Petfill is then refreshed to do its job all over again.

Whilst most gardens do not need this specialist infill it can be an option where the dog only has use of a confined space.

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