Can I buy Wonderlawn to install myself?

No, we do not allow anyone other than Wonderlawn staff to install our products.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Wonderlawn installation?

All you need is a deck chair and a cup of tea! 🙂

Occasionally, we may ask you to mow the lawn before the team arrives as this can aide our removal process, and possibly to move any furniture (if we need to work through the house), but under normal circumstances, Wonderlawn takes care of everything.

We may also ask you to hire a skip for waste materials to be disposed of. This will vary from job to job and our trained surveyors will discuss this with you when you have your site visit.

What kind of surfaces can you fit grass on to?

We’ve completed thousands of installations on all sorts of surfaces including concrete yards, school tarmac playgrounds, timber balconies and gravel drives.

We use different materials to suit the existing ground, but artificial grass can be installed almost anywhere as long as the correct methods and materials are used.

Over the years we have created mounds on flat playgrounds, luscious gardens from dark urban yards, indoor picnic areas from boring cafeterias, and of course, the odd normal lawn.

What’s involved in a typical Wonderlawn installation?

A typical lawn of 45m² first requires removal of 2-3 tonnes of earth (that’s around 40 wheelbarrows’ full). It then needs the same amount of new material added to create the new base, which then needs to be levelled and compacted.

The grass of choice is then cut into site, including any joins that are needed. As part of our installation process, we install an infill with purpose-built machines. This infill plays a really important role in the integrity of the lawn and its ability to recover after use, just like a sports field. The area is then cleaned down and everything left just the way it should be.

Why can’t I purchase Wonderlawn for self-installation?

There are two main reasons for this;

  1. There are specific machines used in our installations which you will not have. There is no point in buying premium artificial grass if it cannot be installed correctly.
  2.  Wonderlawn is protective about our brand. If lawns are installed badly, it is our name that tends to suffer.
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