28 Nov 2016

Don’t just fake it at Christmas…

wonderlawn-artificial-grass-fake-treeHere in the UK, faking it can be a touchy subject. Even though there’s less fuss, less effort, and less mess when you fake it, sometimes you can be negatively judged for doing so. But at this time of year, faking it is less of a taboo – in fact, the festive period is when the UK is most likely to be faking it – especially in living rooms. But we don’t think you should just be faking it at Christmas – we think you should fake it all year round.

Artificial Christmas trees are immensely popular here in the UK. This is probably a good time to mention that when we said ‘faking it’, we were referring to artificial Christmas trees – we have no idea what you were thinking about…

About one-third of Christmas trees displayed in the UK are artificial Christmas trees. If you’re putting up the Christmas tree soon, and are considering whether to go natural or artificial, here are some benefits of ‘faking it’ this Christmas!

No maintenance

A Christmas tree is ready for action as soon as it’s out the box – all you need to do is decorate it! Plus, you don’t need to dedicate time to watering the tree, covering empty patches, sweeping up needles or cutting off dead branches.


If you’re considering investing in an artificial tree, you just need to plan on using it for four years in order to keep your carbon footprint low.

No mess

Real Christmas trees will fill your floor with needles, no matter how much time you dedicate to watering them. And don’t even get us started on the sap! That stuff can really stain your carpet and may put you off wanting to touch your Christmas tree.

Another problem which dog owners hopefully have NOT encountered is that, when you bring nature indoors, dogs may think that it’s okay to go to the toilet indoors…

They look like the real thing

Many of the high-quality artificial Christmas trees of today look and feel just like the real thing – without the hassle and mess!

No smell

Unless they’re fresh, real Christmas trees can sometimes smell bad, especially when bought from a convenience store. These trees are often stored poorly which can lead to rotting.

Try an evergreen scented candle to bring the smell of the forest to your home when displaying an artificial tree this year.

How does this sound? If you’re convinced that an artificial tree is a good idea, why not consider an artificial lawn? They’re both much easier to maintain, less messy, eco-friendly and great for pets!

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