Get them outside

We all know how important it is to encourage children to play and exercise outdoors and Wonderlawn™ is the perfect solution to problem outdoor play areas.

Whereas most artificial grass is simply designed to be wear resistant and colourfast, Wonderlawn™ is different.

Using the same technology and yarn that is found in FIFA 2 star synthetic football pitches, we install and create areas that look great, feel great and offer a degree of safety way beyond traditional artificial turf.

A range of solutions exist to fit requirements or budgets. These include special underlays to ensure critical fall height guidelines are met and specialist, patented organic infills that reduce the risk of injury and provide a less abrasive surface.

Whether it’s a small toddler’s play area or a more serious recreation and sports field, Wonderlawn™ provides the ideal, quality and long lasting solution

Ranges suitable for Schools & Nurseries