Wonderlawn™ is no ordinary artificial grass. Unlike most artificial lawns, it is actually designed to look real, feel great but more importantly, continue to recover after use. Whether it’s a small front lawn, an ornamental garden or a large area for the kids or the dog to play on, synthetic grass has never looked as good.

Yes it’s a bold statement, but one we believe is true. Most artificial grass will not wear out, simply because it’s plastic, most artificial grass won’t discolour too quickly, simply because it’s UV stabilized, but what makes Wonderlawn™ different is the technology that’s used to create long lasting, beautiful lawns and not something that is simply “green and plastic”

Of course, the advantages include no mowing, no watering, little maintenance and no mud to clean off feet or paws, but the real difference is that Wonderlawn™ resists flattening and continues to bounce back up to its original shape, looking better, much longer than conventional plastic grass.

The Wonderlawn™ system includes the removing your old tired lawn, the construction of a new levelled base, shaping and contouring of the new artificial surface and in most cases the addition of a specialized infill material. The grass is finally machine brushed and the site cleaned down.

Whether it’s a small front lawn you can’t bear to lose, or a sprawling garden that’s the envy of the neighbours Wonderlawn™ gives you a garden to be proud of.

Ranges suitable for Home & Garden