Who remembers Ground Force?

It was a TV essential, and MASSIVELY influential in dictating the gardening trends of that time (the mid to late nineties). And who can forget the iconic theme song?

The ‘90s decking boom

One of those Ground Force-inspired trends was decking. Show co-host, Alan Titchmarsh, has since apologised for encouraging homeowners to rip up their lawns in favour of budget-friendly wood:

“Decking I do feel a bit bad about – when we started doing Ground Force we were given two days to makeover gardens.

“If you’ve only got two days, decking is economical and you can do it quite quickly.

“And if you slip and fall over on it you only bruise yourself rather than break you hip, which you do on stone.

“So those were my reasons. And on a modern house, decking works.”

According to Titchmarsh, the show was so influential in the decking boom that, in the year prior to Ground Force first airing, total sales of decking at B&Q amounted to just £9,000 – but the year after, sales grew to an incredible £8 million!

Titchmarsh added: “So I have no doubt that when I’m put in the ground eventually they will deck my grave!”

Undo your decking/patio regret

It’s worth noting that back in Ground Force’s ‘90s heyday, installing artificial turf was out of the question. Back then, artificial grass looked like what your greengrocer drapes their vegetable stalls with – not the kind of thing you’d want to show off to your neighbours.

Thankfully, it’s come a long way since!

That’s not to say Wonderlawn can’t work with your existing patio or decking:
Turf garden feature decking

Artificial grass and decking

Artificial grass and gravelContact us if you’re regretting the decking!