Urban Sport Artificial Grass

Urban Sport: New for 2015 this is a hybrid product taking a highly resilient shaped fibre from the sports world – a ‘V’ Shape with a central spine -and adding in a thatched undergrowth for realism. This represents the state of the art as far as artificial grass is concerned. Urban Sport manages to achieve the ultimate blend of realism and resilience underfoot.


Designed to create the “ultimate” artificial activity surface. Polyethylene ‘V’ shaped fibre’s with a spine for texture and unbeatable performance and resilience.

  • Sports based shaped fibre for resilience
  • Heavy metal and lead free
  • Tested to 12,000 Hrs of continuous use
  • Specialised infill’s available

So why use it in your garden?

Tested to 12,000 hours of use with football boots its pedigree in the artificial grass world is beyond doubt. In our “Plus” product this is combined with a patented infill that is created from coconut and cork! This specialised infill adds a great, natural looking texture, and, as it was developed for sport, reduces friction, the build up of heat and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Most artificial grass flattens easily and can be harsh underfoot, Urban Sport gets the balance just right as it continually resists flattening yet, because of the fibre shape, feels soft underfoot. just one of the many reasons why the Daily Mail considered ours the best artificial grass in the UK.

Of course, the advantages include no mowing, no watering, little maintenance and no mud to clean off feet or paws, but the real difference is that Wonderlawn™ resists flattening and continues to bounce back up to its original shape, looking better, much much longer than conventional plastic grass.

The Wonderlawn™ system includes the removing your old tired lawn, the construction of a new leveled base, shaping and contouring of the new artificial surface and in most cases the addition of a specialised infill material. The grass is finally machine brushed and the site cleaned down.

Whether it’s a small front lawn you can’t bear to lose, or a sprawling garden that’s the envy of the neighbours Wonderlawn™ gives you a garden to be proud of.

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