Urban Play Artificial Grass

Urban Play: New for 2015 this is a hybrid product using an advanced “X” shaped fibre that combines softness with resilience. Whilst not being quite as hardy as Urban Sport, this amazing grass is designed for those spaces where the focus is on the more gentle side of play. Great for young kids and schools, and a great choice for commercial or public areas.

Developed to allow great resilience from a soft narrow fibre, this “X” shaped grass creates the ultimate artificial play surface. Polyethylene yarn with beige undergrowth for a natural look.

  •  Soft but resilient “X” shaped yarn.
  • Natural look and feel
  • Heavy metal and lead free
  • Ideal for schools and commercial areas

What sets it apart from other products?

Urban Play is an unusual product. Most artificial grass needs to use a reduced pile height to increase resilience and this usually compromises on the soft feel. Urban Play uses a new fibre in the shape of an “X” and this allows us to use a much thinner blade without compromising the ability to recover after use.

Of course, the advantages include no mowing, no watering, little maintenance and no mud to clean off feet or paws, but the real difference is that Wonderlawn™ resists flattening and continues to bounce back up to its original shape, looking better, much much longer than conventional plastic grass.

The Wonderlawn™ system includes the removing your old tired lawn, the construction of a new, levelled base, shaping and contouring of the new artificial surface and in most cases the addition of a specialised infill material. The grass is finally machine brushed and the site cleaned down.
Whether it’s a small front lawn you can’t bear to lose, or a sprawling garden that’s the envy of the neighbours Wonderlawn™ gives you a garden to be proud of.

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