Whether you’re looking to invest in a business with real growth potential or simply like the idea of installing with Wonderlawn we’re here to help.

Franchise opportunities

Wonderlawn is growing by the addition of franchise partners. Artificial grass is a growing industry and has seen some dramatic changes over the last 2 or 3 years. We are ideally placed to take advantage of this opportunity with market leading products, some great unique selling points and an industry leading franchise model which reduces costs and aids cash flow.

Wonderlawn provides all the equipment, training, marketing material and initial enquiries to get you moving with a realistic expectation of earnings being in the region of £75-£100k per annum.

For further information contact Mel Wright on 0333 7006000 , email on mel.wright@wonderlawn.com or visit wonderlawnfranchise.co.uk

Installation opportunities

With every growing business there is a growing need for employees. As our franchise network expands, so does the need for those who would install artificial grass. Whether your experienced as an installer and looking for a change of scene or someone who is looking for a career change and feel you possess the right skill set, it’s worth having a chat. Our installation teams are responsible for running the entire job from excavation and levelling to cutting, joining and clearing down the site. We manage all training on site to get you to the standard required by Wonderlawn, a standard that allows us to guarantee those installs for 10 years.

For further information contact Barry on sales@wonderlawn.com

Commercial partnerships

Whether you’re a landscape architect, garden designer or property management company, there’s a huge benefit in partnering with Wonderlawn for your artificial grass requirements. Wonderlawn are firmly positioned at the premium end of this growing market. We use only our own installers, construct bases using materials that will last, provided products that look better and last longer than conventional artificial grass and underpin all of this with a 10 year comprehensive warranty. For you, this means the peace of mind that your customer is being looked after as you would demand. After all, if things go wrong, it’s you your customer calls to complain.

We work with you in a range of capacities to provide artificial grass installation at a level of expertise and quality of installation that demanding customers expect.

For further information call Mel Wright on 0333 7006000 or email on mel.wright@wonderlawn.com