Artificial Grass Installation – West Midlands

Don’t want to worry about grass clippings and mowing the lawn? If so, work with Wonderlawn for artificial grass, which is extremely similar to the real thing. We offer three types of unique technology, all of which are tested and have a bouncy feel.

Who uses our products?
Our Ornamental grass is favoured for show gardens, Natural and Natural Plus for the home, and Performance Plus for high-activity areas. Combine our affordable prices with professional installation, and there’s no better company to collaborate with.

Everyone who works with Wonderlawn can expect better looking artificial grass.

If you are looking for artificial grass installation  in the West Midlands call us on 0333 700 6000 to inquire about our artificial grass products.

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Artificial Grass Applications

What our clients say

My wife had asked if there was any way the new lawn could be installed for Saturday so when the installation team left the site Friday, the day before my sons birthday, with the lawn not quite finished we thought we would not see them again till Monday and therefore too late for the garden party to happen. They returned an half an hour later with floodlights and worked till 230 am (it was also -2 degrees) just to make sure we had the new lawn ready for his birthday party..

I would certainly recommend your product and teams heartily to others. I really value the extra usable space we now have and your team's willingness 'to go the extra mile' to make sure the customer gets a quality end result to be proud of.

Arron Slocombe, St Albans

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