Artificial Grass Installation – South East

Children love to run around the playground when they get a break from the classroom, so give them somewhere bouncy and soft to play! Artificial grass from Wonderlawn is a good option because it blends in well with surrounding features and is manufactured with the best technology available.

How does it work?
Tested to 12,000 hours continuous, our S shape technology is lead free. The C and U shape technology is just as long-lasting and is made with advanced yarns.
Wonderlawn works with South East customers who require grass for the home, school or business. Call 0333 700 6000 to find out what artificial grass types are available.

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Artificial Grass Applications

What our clients say

I am writing to express my delight following the installation of your ‘Wonderlawn’ artificial grass to my front,side and rear gardens. As someone who is getting on in years I was finding it impossible to maintain my real grass other than at great expense. I am now the proud owner of lawns that look real but require minimal effort on my part. Please pass my sincere thanks to Brent and the team.

Miss Larwood, Redruth

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