Artificial Grass Installation – North West

Do you lack the time to mow the lawn? Whatever your reasons for investing in artificial grass, do it through Wonderlawn. A well-established company boasting a broad range of products, we use special yarn shape and infill material to create aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting lawns.

What makes us different?
While the installing, levelling and compacting is essential for any artificial grass installation, our company covers the grass with commercial quality weed suppressant, thus extending its life.

Wonderlawn offers Natural Plus, Superior and Ornamental artificial grass in the North West. Call 0333 700 6000 to find out how technology plays a role in this company’s products.

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Artificial Grass Applications

What our clients say

Just a line to say the lawn looks great in the daylight. Obviously when Brent and the team left it was dark but the next day in the morning it really looks the business. Thanks again to the team for their hard work.

Steve Packer, Hebden Bridge

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