Artificial Grass Installation – East Midlands

When normal grass faces wear and tear, it may not look as vibrant and maintained as artificial grass. Yorkshire-based sports centres and schools are turning to Wonderlawn for a perfectly manicured lawn.

How is it installed?
Whether you opt for Natural, Superior or Ornamental, our team will remove turf, dispose of material and compress the base, before distributing and brushing the artificial grass. Soft and easy to maintain, our grass looks and feels natural!

Advanced yarns are used to craft Wonderlawn’s artificial grass in the East Midlands and other areas.

If you are looking for artificial grass installation in the East Midlands call 0333 700 6000 to learn more about this company’s unique technology.

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Artificial Grass Applications

What our clients say

Just a line to say the lawn looks great in the daylight. Obviously when Brent and the team left it was dark but the next day in the morning it really looks the business. Thanks again to the team for their hard work.

Steve Packer, Hebden Bridge

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