The process


The quality of your artificial grass makes a huge difference to the finished look and longevity of your lawn. Everything starts with the removal of the turf and disposing of that material. Once the ground is clear, we install, level and compact a granulated granite base, or an engineered base followed by a screed.

Most installers will use sharp sand at this stage because it’s cheaper, but history shows us that sharp sand is prone to settlement issues. On top of this finished base we lay a covering of a commercial quality weed suppressant. Once your grass is laid, joined where necessary and cut into shape we can then begin the infill process.

Wonderlawn and its approved installers use special Kiln Dried Sand from one quarry. It needs to be non-angular and of a certain grain size and colour. Using professional sand spreaders this sand is evenly distributed over and into the lawn and then brushed in with a motorized brush.

Why a motorized brush?

Artificial Lawns are stored like carpets, rolled up. From point of manufacture it may be 6 months before the rolls are used on an installation. Once unrolled the fibres are flat in one direction and need to be brushed upright to their original manufactured position. In hot sun this is easy as you can use the sun to heat the backing and assist the fibres to straighten.

The UK does not have that advantage so a specialised motorized brush is required with bristles that are made specifically for this product. This produces an energy (heat) in the fibres which straightens them up (a bit like a hair straightener works). Simple brushing with a stiff broom does not achieve this. All Wonderlawn installation teams use these machines.

Finally, your site is cleaned, washed down and we leave you to enjoy your garden.