It’s an issue that often gets raised with artificial turf, and wildlife lovers across the UK often make assumptions that artificial grass is somehow anti-wildlife.

The reality is that Wonderlawn is designed to work with the existing natural features of your garden, which means that shrubs, flowerbeds, soil, bird tables, ponds etc. can still remain. Wonderlawn doesn’t replace the nature in your garden – it works with it.

Artificial turf and wildlife

Research shows that, because artificial turf means no more mowing the lawn, people can spend more time tending to the features of the garden that are more beneficial to the birds than grass is. For example, planting bird and bee-friendly plants.

And that makes sense when you think about it. Mowing the lawn is both time-consuming and tiring, and the last thing most people want to do after mowing the lawn is tend to the other aspects of the garden – you just want to put your feet up with a drink and chill out – and why not, you’ve earned it!

Unwelcome guests

People also express their concern about the risk of having the neighbour’s cat or wild foxes depositing their waste and staining artificial turf. This isn’t a problem for two reasons. First, cats and wild foxes aren’t attracted to Wonderlawn anyway, and second, even if animals do happen to leave waste on the lawn, Wonderlawn is more than equipped enough to deal with the problem. Our lawns have no dense rootzone, as is common with many off-the-peg artificial lawns, meaning that any dirt can’t get caught deep down where it can’t be cleaned.

The examples below show how Wonderlawn is not only compatible with natural garden features, but actually improves them, resulting in a garden that looks full of life – and did we mention it’s going to look this luxurious all year round for many years to come?

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