From its production to its installation, Wonderlawn are passionate when it comes to offering the best artificial grass.


Wonderlawn supply and install the best artificial grass all over the UK, through our ever expanding network of local franchisees.

This means that our customers always receive the best service and products from highly trained and motivated Wonderlawn installers. Our team of dedicated Wonderlawn installers have a real interest in completing installations to the highest possible standards, ensuring customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Our franchisees have joined our team here at Wonderlawn as your artificial grass suppliers, in order to deliver you the best quality products and service available on offer out there in the industry.

Wonderlawn operates from our head office which is based in the North of England, from our on-site warehouse, we stock and distribute all of our best artificial grass products to our artificial grass suppliers all over the United Kingdom.

Our years of experience and knowledge in the industry gives us a real insight in to the best artificial grass products, ensuring that we deliver exactly what our customers are looking for. It is all too easy to offer customers a wide range of products and simply ask them to choose what they like the look or feel of, however as your leading artificial grass suppliers, our team of experts are able to talk you through the available Wonderlawn products, finding the best artificial grass product for you.

grassAt Wonderlawn, we focus on a small range of market leading products that we know will look and feel great, as well as performing as you would like it to, year after year. All of our products are manufactured in Europe ensuring that they are the best artificial grass products, currently out there on the market.

From the very beginning, our focus has always been to deliver the very best artificial grass products and installation service. Gaining knowledge from our peers, we began to learn that artificial grass and its installation techniques, were quite costly for the customer. In some cases the products that were out there in the market, were not as robust as they could be. With this in mind we immediately set out to find the right manufacturing partners, who could help us create a robust and improved artificial turf. This partnership lead the way for a changing methodology in base work, and from this we were able to deliver a longer lasting artificial grass product.

As your artificial grass suppliers at Wonderlawn, we are proud to be:

• The 1st company in the UK to use shaped yarns as standard.
• The 1st company in the UK to install a product into domestic gardens that had achieved a FIFA specification guaranteeing quality and resilience.
• The 1st company in the UK to provide a full 10 year installation warranty.

To this day, Wonderlawn continues to drive the artificial grass industry forward. Where others in the industry prefer supplying self-fitting products, with installation as an expensive add on, we understand that if you are investing in artificial grass, you want an all in one service! You want a product that is longer lasting, and a service which allows for an installation of an industry standard. Given the specialist machinery required to lay a top quality artificial turf, you can draw your own conclusion, as to the quality of the products on offer from companies who sell “supply only” artificial grass.

Another exciting innovation for us in 2015 was the introduction of Petfill Plus to the artificial grass world. For those customers who’s dogs toilet habits cause lingering smells, this Organic material absorbs the ammonia in pet urine and only releases it when it rains, taking it into the soil below. See PETS AT HOME for further info.

Amongst many of the achievements over the years, we were extremely proud to be chosen as sole artificial grass suppliers for one of Europe’s largest Holiday Park groups. After completing a number on site tests, Wonderlawn was named as their preferred supplier, and so in the latter half of 2014 we began our partnership with them, a partnership which continues today. Due to the number of sites covered by this partnership, it only goes to prove that there is no substitute for the best artificial grass and expertise when it comes to its installation.