Wonderlawn® is not like your average artificial grass

Wonderlawn® is passionate about delivering the best quality artificial grass to our customers. From purchase to installation, we guarantee a service and product that is unrivalled. As we are experts when it comes to artificial turf, we are able to provide our customers with a range of artificial turfs to suit any domestic, commercial and sporting application, with the same guarantee of care and enthusiasm. Place your trust in Wonderlawn® for a great artificial lawn with great results.

What makes Wonderlawn® different?

• Advanced shaped yarns:

With Wonderlawn®, our artificial grass ONLY uses advanced shaped yarns, which ensures an artificial lawn that resists flattening, looks great and feels real.

• Engineered base work:

We ONLY use base materials that are engineered to last. Our bases do not contain sand or a timber frame which can rot overtime.

• Professional installation:

Years of practical, hands on experience has given us a real insight into artificial lawns and the expectations of our customers. When it comes to the installation of your new artificial turf, we at Wonderlawn® ONLY use our very own dedicated team of professional artificial turf installers, ensuring that the job is completed to the highest of standards.

• A full 10 year warranty:

We offer the UK’s ONLY comprehensive 10 year warranty in with our artificial grass costs. Our comprehensive 10 year installation warranty includes every aspect of your artificial lawn installation.

Why buy artificial grass from Wonderlawn?

1. Products

Unlike other artificial lawns and turfs currently on the market, all Wonderlawn® products are manufactured using advanced shaped fibres. Whilst these fibres are more expensive to produce, the real advantage comes with their resistance to flattening, a real problem with conventional artificial grass. All of our products are manufactured in Europe (not in the Far East!), and are designed with a particular purpose in mind. From an artificial lawn used in a family garden, where children are likely to play, or pets are likely to occupy, to filling a small plot in your front garden; whatever you have in mind when you are switching to an artificial lawn, we will the right product for.

2. Installation

When it comes to installing your Wonderlawn®, we use our very own team of Wonderlawn® installers, making sure that the job is done correctly. Where other artificial lawns use sand or timber in their bases, we use specific aggregates in our base. This ensures that Wonderlawn® bases do not deteriorate or rot over time, especially in the damper seasons. Our weed membrane is “commercial” grade, and our artificial lawns need specialist machinery in order for the installation to be completed correctly. Some of that machinery that we use to install our artificial turf is unique to Wonderlawn®. When it comes to your chosen artificial turf, our infills are carefully graded and cleaned to ensure the correct feel and performance. When our team install your new artificial lawn, the service includes everything from the initial dig out to the cleaning down of the site when all the hard work is done.

3. Guarantee/Warranty

Despite what you may be led to believe, warranties in this industry do not cover much more than colour stability. Customers are constantly asking other suppliers a simple question: “If the artificial grass will last over 10 years, why don’t you guarantee the installation for that?” This is where Wonderlawn® are different. We are proud to offer our customers a market leading warranty, a warranty which covers absolutely every aspect of your artificial lawn installation for a full 10 years in with the artificial grass installation costs. With Wonderlawn® you receive complete security and peace of mind.

Wonderlawn® was voted the UK’s No1 artificial grass installation company by the Daily Mail.

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What our clients say

I am writing to express my delight following the installation of your ‘Wonderlawn’ artificial grass to my front,side and rear gardens. As someone who is getting on in years I was finding it impossible to maintain my real grass other than at great expense. I am now the proud owner of lawns that look real but require minimal effort on my part. Please pass my sincere thanks to Brent and the team.

Miss Larwood, Redruth

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